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Megan Reich – Cleveland’s moCa

Megan tells us about how important art is in our community and how the moCa is different than other museums you may visit.

Why is contemporary art important to our community? Here to answer that question was Deputy Director of moCa Cleveland Megan Reich.

Here are the questions Tiffany asked Megan:
Why did moCa go free?
moCa focuses on contemporary art. Why do you think contemporary art is important to our community?
How might someone's visit to moCa differ from visiting another art museum?
What can people do and experience at moCa?
What do you say to someone who says "I don't get it" or "My kid could do that"?
Is there something happening at moCa in the future that you are excited about?

moCa Cleveland
11400 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland
Phone: 216-421-8671
Website: mocacleveland.org