The Clear The Shelter’s campaign has returned for its 5th year. Since 2015, NBC and Telemundo stations across the nation have partnered with local shelters and rescues to help more than a quarter million pets of all types find new homes. Joining us on the show was Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter Administrator, Mindy Naticchioni and Volunteer, Elizabeth Haynes.

Below are questions Tiffany had for Mindy and Elizabeth:
About how many dogs do you take in each year?
Talk about the importance of a dog license?
Any tips to avoid heat stroke for our pets?
How can people help or volunteer?
You have a “Christmas in July event” coming up as well? Tell us more.
How can people help you Clear The Shelters?

Visit our social media, ‘We The People’, and let us know how you are helping to Clear the Shelters!

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