Station Hope is a community event that celebrates Cleveland's social justice history and explores contemporary struggles for freedom. And today, Tiffany was joined by Station Hope Artist, Obediya Jones-Darrell, and Station Hope Line Producer, Beth Wood.

Below are the questions Tiffany asked Obediya and Beth:
Station Hope is in its 6th year, that's wild! For those of us who haven't experienced it, what is Station Hope and how did it come to exist?
What's the experience of the festival like?
When is it?
Obediya, tell us about your group and why Kombilesa Asé became involved with Station Hope. Tell us about the art you'll be bringing this year!
Beth, can you share some highlights from other art folks can experience this year?
And for those of us who've never been, what's Cleveland Public Theatre all about?

Have you ever been to Station Hope? Find us on social media at ‘We the People’ and let us know!

Event Information:
Station Hope
Saturday, May 4 | 7 to 10 pm
St. John's Episcopal Church in Cleveland
The event is free and open to all.

To volunteer at Station Hope, visit or email India Nicole Burton at or call 216-631-2727 ext 201.