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Peggy Zone Fisher & Alan K. Nevel - The Diversity Center of Northeast Ohio

The Diversity Center of Northeast Ohio helps create communities where all people are respected and valued!


The Diversity Center of Northeast Ohio has their annual Walk, Rock, Run coming up in May! Peggy Zone Fisher, President & CEO of the Diversity Center of Northeast Ohio along with Alan K. Nevel, Senior Vice President, Chief Diversity and Human Resources Officer for The MetroHealth System, gave Tiffany a preview.

Below are the questions Tiffany asked Peggy & Alan: 
Tell us about this event?
Tell us about the partnership between MetroHealth & The Diversity Center?
Why is Diversity & Inclusion important to MetroHealth?
What is the benefit to the community?
What happens the day of the event?
Where/how can people sign up?

Have you ever participated in the Diversity Walk? Find us on social media at ‘We the People’ and let us know!

Event Information:
Diversity Center of NEO’s 17th annual Walk, Rock and Run
Saturday, May 4th
To register, volunteer and for more information: 
216-752-3000 | DiversityCenterNEO.org

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