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Dr. Jennifer Knetig – Helping Our Heroes

Did you know that planting can be a form of therapy for some veterans? Dr. Jennifer Knetig tells us more.

Dr. Jennifer Knetig, from the Louis Stokes VA Medical Center was on the show today.

Below are the questions Leon asked:
I'm a Vietnam Vet...and as a vet, I know first-hand about the horrors of war. PTSD is a very real thing, what can you tell us about it?
It affects everyone differently...but it's important to note, it's treatable and no vet should feel stigmatized by it.
The Vets I met doing the urban farm story, seemed to really benefit from working in the soil. What other things can veterans do to help with the trauma of service?
Now, I know the VA also has programs to help vets cope with PTSD. Tell us about those.

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