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Sara Continenza & Emmanuel Velez - Cleveland’s Puerto Rican Parade and Festival

Learn all about the upcoming festival and why it is important for the community!

We learned about two current campaigns raising money on ioby during the show today. Emmanuel Velez - Planning Committee Chair of Cleveland’s Puerto Rican Parade and Festival - joined the show along with Sara Continenza, Executive Director of Food Strong

Below are questions Tiffany had for Sara and Emmanuel:
Manny, you want to add some community service and civic action to this year’s Puerto Rican Parade and Festival. What’s your vision?
Manny, why is this such an important idea for your community?
Manny, what are some of the key resources you need to make your project happen?
Manny, what are some of the results you’ve seen or hope to see?
Sara, you’ve raised over $2,000 on ioby, what are you proposing to do with the money?
Sara, what does Food Strong do?
Sara, how did Care-A-Van get started?
Do you both need volunteers? How can people get involved with your work?

Visit our social media, ‘We The People’, and let us know how you are helping with these amazing campaigns!

For more information: 
Puerto Rican Parade & Festival
Sunday, August 4th
Roberto Clemente Park 3690 Seymour Ave., Cleveland
FoodStrong.org | Twitter, IG: @foodstrongcle | email: info@foodstrong.org


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