"Cleveland's Ice Cream Crawl," is just around the corner.
And the money raised from this event will support - Fab House Cleveland, a neighborhood-based technology program, and Textures, an international health and beauty academy. Sonya Pryor-Jones and Ladosha Wright were on the show to tell us more.

The questions Tiffany asked are below:
Please introduce yourselves to the audience. What brings you here?
What is the Cleveland Ice Cream Crawl? How does the crawl work?
This is a charity event. What cause(s) is it supporting?
Tell me more about Fab House.
Tell me more about Textures.
How can folks participate?

Visit our social media, ‘We The People’, and let us know if you are going to the Cleveland Ice Cream Crawl.

Event Information:
Cleveland's Ice Cream Crawl
Sunday August 18th
2 pm – 5:30 pm
Purchase your tickets on Eventbrite