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Connie Hill-Johnson and Teleangé Thomas – Events and Programs Ahead with the Soul of Philanthropy

What the exhibit means to the community – and how you can get involved

There are lots of events and programs still ahead in The Soul of Philanthropy Cleveland Exhibit. We had members of the Steering Committee Connie Hill-Johnson and Teleangé Thomas to tell us more about what’s to come.

Here are the questions Michael asked:
What programs are forthcoming on the schedule for TSOPCLE?
What are you hoping the community takes away after seeing the exhibition?
Why is redefining philanthropy so important to communities of color?
How do you keep the momentum and conversation going once the exhibit leaves Cleveland?
What can you tell us about the Julius Rosenwald Documentary?
Who was Julius Rosenwald?
Why is this story important today?
What will the documentary teach us? What is it you take away from the experience?

Steve minter was recognized at the Grand Opening Celebration on September 6 – can you tell us more about that? 

Visit our social media, ‘We The People’ and let us know if you’ll be taking part in any of these events.

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