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Bryan Pflaum & Kya Goodwin – Encouraging Young People To Explore And Learn About Science & Medicine

Cleveland Clinic’s eXpressions program makes learning fun!

Cleveland Clinic’s eXpressions program is a free educational initiative that engages middle and high school students in the creative exploration of science and medicine. Here to tell us more are Shaker Heights High School Senior Kya Goodwin and Founder Bryan Pflaum.

The questions Leon asked were:

  1. So, Bryan, tell us – what is eXpressions?
  2. The theme for this year’s eXpressions eXhibition is “focus on community health.” What does that mean exactly, and what type of projects can visitors expect to see in this year’s eXhibition as a result?
  3. Shaker Heights High School senior Kya Goodwin is one of the students who participated in this year’s eXpressions program. Kya, tell us a little bit about your piece, Heartbreak, and the impact you hope it has on people who see it.
  4. I have no doubt your artwork will inspire those who see it, Kya. What impact, though, did creating it have on you? What did you learn in the process?
  5. This program has obviously had a positive impact on students – more than 14,000 students since 2005 is what I read. But, Bryan, this is only one of several programs Cleveland Clinic offers to support youth education, correct?
  6. Where can people go to learn more about eXpressions and the other K–12 Education programs Cleveland Clinic offers?

CONTACT INFO: clevelandclinic.org/K-12