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Marianne Crosley & Thomas Gill - Fresh Innovator Awards

Fresh Innovator Awards recognizes those making an impact in our community.

Cleveland Leadership Center created the Fresh Innovator Awards for its Spark: Grit to Great annual leadership symposium back on August 29th. The award recognizes Innovators impacting the community. On the show with more were Marianne Crosley, President and CEO of the Cleveland Leadership Center and Thomas Gill, President of the Urban Community School.

Questions for Marianne
Can you tell me a little about the Leadership Center?
Why did the Leadership Center create the Spark symposium?
How come you wanted to recognize "Fresh Innovators"?

Questions for Tom Gill
What are some of the unique challenges facing Urban Community School?
How is Urban's innovation addressing those challenges?
Tell me about collaboration with partners to serve your community.
What's ahead for Urban?

Visit our social media, ‘We The People’ and let us know if you know a Fresh Innovator Award winner.

Cleveland Leadership Center
Website: cleveleads.org
Submit Accelerate civic pitch ideas: 11/1- 11/30
Urban Community School
Website: UrbanCommunitySchool.org
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