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Margie Fagan & Liz Hernandez -Volunteer Opportunity of The Week: Senior Citizen Resources

Senior Citizen Resource helps seniors in our community.

In our volunteer opportunity segment today, we want to highlight Senior Citizen Resources and its mat crochet group. This volunteer opportunity was presented to us by Greater Cleveland Volunteers. On the show today were Volunteer Margie Fagan and Director Liz Hernandez.

Below are the questions Tiffany and Leon asked:

What is Senior Citizen Resources (SCR), and what services do they provide to Old Brooklyn seniors?
What are these mats used for?
How do you make the mats? How long does it take you to make one mat? How many plastic bags are used to make one mat?
How long have you been working on this project for SCR? How many mats have been made in total?
How often do you get together to work on these mats, and how many people participate?

Visit our social media, ‘We The People’ and let us know if you will volunteer.

For More Information:

Senior Citizen Resources

3100 Devonshire Road, Cleveland

Phone: 216-749-5367

Website: SeniorCitizenResources.org