With January being National Human Trafficking Awareness month- and today being National Human Trafficking Awareness Day- Tiffany welcomed Winnie Boylan, Executive Vice President of the Collaborative to End Human Trafficking, U.S. Senator Rob Portman, and WKYC’s Senior Health Correspondent, Monica Robins, to discuss what human trafficking is and how we can help stop it.

Here is what Tiffany asked the guests:


  1. Winnie, could you briefly describe what human trafficking is?
  1. Senator Portman, from your federal perspective, where are we in this fight to end human trafficking on the national level?
  1. Monica, you’re here because of a project that WKYC is planning that will help raise awareness. Tell us about it.
  1. Winnie, we see the billboards around the city, signs on RTA buses and at the airport that say: Happens Here Too. But, what does human trafficking look like here in Cleveland/Northeast Ohio?
  1. Sen. Portman, how do you work with Winnie and local leaders collaboratively?
  1. Monica and Winnie, what’s next to help move these efforts forward? What will be the main message from the Jan. 28 forum?

Were you aware that human trafficking is in issue in your area? What steps will you take to help combat human trafficking? Find us on Facebook at ‘We The People’ or on Instagram @WeThePeopleWKYC and let us know!

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Human Trafficking Awareness Program

Monday, January 28th | 2:00pm

Watch on WKYC.com or Facebook Live