Below is Yvonne’s motivational message:

I am among the millions who have read Michelle Obama’s Bestselling book, Becoming. I was mesmerized by her ability to pen her story. Her descriptive writing gives a clear blueprint as to how she went from little Michelle from the Southside of Chicago to becoming the First Lady of the United States of America. The book speaks volumes about possibilities. I too am a little girl. A little girl from the East Side of Cleveland and just like Michelle Obama, during our next few episodes of Hope Haven, we are going to prove to you that if she can do it; if I can do it, then you too can become all that you could ever dream. But what you may not know is that at times the path may be turbulent. I was so honored recently to have been selected by the television show Vacation Creation to receive a free trip to Australia and New Zealand. It was a trip of a lifetime to be able to see The Sydney Opera House, Tasmania, Kangaroos and Koala Bears and to be able to take my granddaughter, Logan with Me. If there was a downside, I would say that it was the flight time. Twenty three hours one way. Isn’t that just like life? In order to get to a destination, you have to travel. On the way home, the plane hit some heavy turbulence. So much so that even the flight attendants had to take their seats. The pilot was very descriptive as he provided us with details with what was up ahead and instructed us to fasten our seat belts. We bumped and bounced around for what seemed like hours. All of this just to get to our destination. Well, Hope Havenders, we are about to go on a voyage together, so fasten your seat belts and stay tuned as we explore the steps that will help during the turbulence of our Becoming.

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