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Yvonne Pointer & Logan Williams - Meet This Grandmother-Granddaughter Philanthropy Duo!

Giving back to the community seems to run in the family for this duo!

Our next guest is a familiar face. Yvonne Pointer is a regular contributor to We the People with her Hope Haven segments and with her was her granddaughter Logan Williams. They’re both nominated for Soul of Philanthropy awards.

Here are some questions Tiffany had for Yvonne and Logan:
Yvonne, let’s start with you - your granddaughter is as much a giver as you are. What do you think of your granddaughter’s outreach?
Logan, you started out by collecting blankets at your birthday party, but you’ve had more birthdays since the film was made. What did you do last year for homeless children?
Yvonne, we know that your daughter Gloria’s murder in 1984 turned you into a child safety advocate. Tell us about the many ways that you keep Gloria’s name alive.
Philanthropy – is it a family value for the Pointers? Logan, what have you learned about giving from your grandmother?

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