CLEVELAND — On Tuesday's episode of What's New, National Boy Scouts declare bankruptcy and what that means for local troops, the new book LeBron James is releasing, and the addition to the 2020 Browns team that has Cleveland talking. 

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3News' Dave Chudowsky discusses how the Cleveland Indians are prepping for this season at their spring training in Arizona. 

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Spring break coat check? Would you pay $2 a day to check your coat at the airport instead of bringing it with you on vacation? Betsy and Jay discuss. 

In "Clicking in Cleveland" digital anchor Stephanie Haney covers how you can earn $900 by bingewatching the "Fast & Furious" movies, and why the Ohio Secretary of State is urging Kent State to cancel Jane Fonda's May 4 visit. 

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In "Pop Break" Haney discusses why The Price is Right is on hiatus, and why Jake Paul is facing some backlash for his comments on anxiety. 

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