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Christmas light displays are back to spread joy while we're stuck at home

3News' Mike Polk Jr. tries to put up a twinkling display of cheer!

CLEVELAND — We’ve got some good news for you parents who LOVE untangling bunched up Christmas lights and risking injury to hang them but HATE that you only get the opportunity to do it one time a year: Your ship just came in!

We’ve got a new trend going on here, folks. People have begun breaking out their Christmas lights once again in an effort to brighten up the overall vibe of their respective neighborhoods.

And why not? A lot of families are stuck at home with no shortage of free time right now and looking for ways to try and stay positive. It’s something to do and offers a visible message of hope to people.

But I think there’s also another layer to the practice. This isn’t just a message of cheer, it can also be seen as a willful defiance of this crisis and a refusal to let the bleakness of the moment possess us.  It’s a festive little protest against the doom and gloom.

I was happy to join in the trend by hanging some lights on my house out of solidarity. Please remember this was my first time trying this.

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