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Early 2022 fashion trends include 'Gorpcore', 'Pearlcore' looks inspired by Gen Z

“It's really aesthetic definitions that typically younger generations are looking for that are both ageless and also very wearable.”

CLEVELAND, Ohio — With a new year comes new fashion trends.

Hallie Abrams, founder and lead stylist at The Wardrobe Consultant and WKYC fashion expert says “Core Fashion” is a recent trend that includes several different layers for both men and women.

“It's really aesthetic definitions that typically younger generations are looking for,” Abrams said. “I'm going to focus on two cores – one for men and one for women – that are both ageless and also very wearable.”

Abrams explains ‘Gorpcore’ is currently a trending look, especially for men right now.

“Gorp stands for good, old, raisins and peanuts – which is the trail mix that hikers use,” she said. “It's the idea of that very functional, almost looks as if you're hiking, but you can be on the city streets look, almost like a polished hiker.”

True traditional outdoor stores will carry most of these ‘Gorpcore’ items, such as REI. However, Abrams says other stores like L.L. Bean, J. Crew, and Nordstrom may also have them.

“One of the things I love is the blundstone boot,” Abrams said. “It's traditional, it's Australian, and has been around forever. It’s durable, and it's sort of like a Birkenstock – the more you wear it, the more comfortable it becomes."

From boots to tops, the local wardrobe consultant says the idea of a traditional flannel for men is a perfect article of clothing.

“If you're in the office or just at home but still want a collared shirt for a polished look that is still cozy, this is great,” she said. “A lot of these technical materials keep you warm and wick away sweat, so it’s sort of dual purpose.”

And last but not least for the men, at REI, there's a brand called KÜHL Abrams recommends.

“It's truly hiking gear and these pants supposedly feel like sweatpants,” Abrams said. “They're not quite "hikerish" as a true hiking pant, so again, you can get away with it for going away for a weekend, if you're going to work in a more casual environment, but still feel put together.”

Now, a little something for the women.

“What's going on for the ladies is something called "Pearlcore,” Abrams told 3News. “What we've been seeing recently is people wanting to take their old-school pearls and wear them again. The cool thing is it's not only the jewelry. It's getting incorporated into a lot of clothes, too, so things are getting embellished.”

The wardrobe consultant says taking advantage of utilizing this looks works well since the pearl is built in.

“This is truly a one-and-done, throw it on, walk out the door and you're good to go,” she said. “The other place I've been seeing a lot of pearl embellishment is on shoes. This Alex Marie loafer has the pearls and– sort of like the bloodstone – it buys into that trend of a lug soul and a loafer.”

When it comes to pairing pearls, Abrams says, don’t go overboard.

“Understandably, someone would ask me ‘hey, it’s Pearlcore, so do I wear both of these together?’ and my answer is ‘no, you do not’,” explained Abrams. “Each of these are the hero of the outfit on their own. Together, it almost becomes like an explosion of pearls which is a little too much.”

Abrams has a private Facebook group called "All Dressed up With SOMEWHERE To Go” where people post pictures and ask questions about fashion. You can search the group's name on Facebook and request to join.

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