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East Cleveland Police Department's new K9 makes eighth apprehension since joining force last October

Way to go K9 Jack!

EAST CLEVELAND, Ohio — Dogs are loyal, loving, part of our family and provide unconditional love, whether at home or in the work place. They are especially vital to police departments.

The East Cleveland Police Department added a K9 member to their unit in October of 2020. K9 Jack and his handler have been busy on the streets fighting crime.

On February 21, East Cleveland Police officer Ian Mcinnes and his K9 Jack responded to a domestic violence call. Upon arriving, the suspect fled the scene, but K9 Jack was able to apprehend the suspect which allowed police to take control of the situation.

During an interview with 3News, Mcinnes said that K9s are an extension of police officers because they can go places that officers are unable to go and smell things in vehicles to discover evidence. They are also a lot faster.

"They move a lot quicker to gain the ground and reach obstacles that we are unable to get to," Mcinnes said.

He also said Jack has spent many hours training and the dog is taught to latch onto a suspect until the officer is able to get there. "Most suspects put their hands up and have given up once they hear the K9 is out," Mcinnes adds.

K9 Jack has apprehended eight suspects since he's been with the department. "Me and Jack in the last 5-6 months have created a great bond with each other," said Mcinnes

The department says they hope to add three more K9 units to have one available every shift and to assist with mutual aid when needed.

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Editor's Note: The below story aired on February 21, 2021