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Feel good tunes to help beat the blues with Mike Polk Jr.

Send us your submissions! You just might get a Mike Polk Jr. original song.

CLEVELAND — Everybody try and stay calm. 

Everything's gonna be just fine. 

Maybe...Who knows!

Lately, we're all experiencing a lot of stress. And I've found myself sharing my musical gifts with my neighborhood quite a bit. I've actually been training myself on the guitar for the last 10 years and I've now learned upwards of five chords - everything from that sweet, sweet G chord, and I also know D.

So why have I dedicated my life to this instrument if not to help people? I know that stuff's kind of rough right now, and a lot of people are bummed out. I can't help fix anyone's problems, but maybe I can cheer people up by using my skills as a songsmith to help.

Is there someone in your life who's a little bit bummed out? Some who could use a pick-me-up?

I'm hereby calling for submissions for people who might need cheered up.

Just tell us what's going on in their lives, their names, things they like. Basically, just tell me why I should write a roughly 45 second to 1 minute song about them.

Based on those submissions, we'll select the people that we consider to be deserving. I'll hammer out the song, using every chord in my repertoire!

To submit, you can TEXT us at: 216.344.3300

Or, tweet us using the hashtag: #BeOn3

Or, you can post in on the WKYC Facebook page in the comments of this story.

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