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Who Knew You Could: Use Windex to get a wine stain out of carpet

You did! We want you to send us life hacks that others might not know about.

CLEVELAND — Who knew you could use Windex to get a wine stain out of carpet? 

In a new segment called 'Who Knew You Could' (which conveniently lines up with our station's call letters, WKYC), we're highlighting life hacks that others might not know about.

We want to share your genius hacks, but more on that later. First, about that wine stain!

Our What's New producer Monique has the inside scoop on the ridiculously simple way to get wine stains out of your carpeting.

Here's how it works: First, spray Windex on the spot, then dab up what you can.

Next, spray a little more Windex on the spot, but this time don't dab it.

Cover the spot that's now soaked with wine and Windex with a paper towel and place something heavy on top of the paper towel. A stack of books works well.

Then, let everything sit overnight. When you check back in the morning, you'll find the wine has now been absorbed into the paper towel, and it's no longer staining your carpet!

See how easy that was? We know you probably have a ton of tips like that, that make your life better.

Send us your best life hacks through the WKYC app, which you can download for free in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, and include a video or pictures of how it works. 

When you submit, there will be space for you to describe exactly how it works so that we can share your knowledge to help fellow viewers!

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