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Meet Those Kitties! Mike Polk Jr. highlights some adoptable and adorable cats

Introducing some local feline friends looking for their fur-ever homes.

Happy Clear the Shelters month everyone!  My cat MacDuff and I are happy to be a part of the effort, Right MacDuff?

Oh wait, he has no idea what I’m saying because he’s a cat, but he still likes to feel involved.

There are all kinds of pets in the Greater Cleveland area that need good homes, but as an unapologetic cat fancier I thought I might use this opportunity to acquaint you with a few of my favorite available regional kitties. That means it’s time for everybody’s favorite game show….


First up it’s Foggy, from Friendship APL of Lorain County:

Credit: Friendship APL

Foggy is a simply STUNNING, smokey-gray darling who was abandoned outside the shelter and is now in hot PURR-suit of a loving home. Her hobbies include being awesome, perching on your shoulder like a Cockatoo and reminding everyone that it’s Foggy’s world, and we’re all just living in it!

Next, here comes Ashton from House of Mews Rescue:

Credit: House of Mews Rescue

He’s the buffest of tabbies and the leader of the pack. He’s friendly, he’s playful and he’s protective of his food. That’s Ashton.

Next up we have the lovely Lily from Friendship APL of Lorain County:

Credit: Friendship APL

Lily is a 7 yr old Maine Coone mix and despite her movie star good looks, she’s a little too introverted for the Hollywood lifestyle. Lily digs a quiet environment away from the hustle and bustle where she can get some dedicated attention from a few special people. Lilly’s hobbies include napping, hanging with other cats, laying down in sunbeams, and allowing you to brush her! Thank you Lily!

Coming up next, we have Ashley the Grayish Tabby from House of Mews Rescue:

Credit: House of Mews Rescue

Ashley is a little purr-ticular about who she hangs out with and isn’t the biggest fan of dogs, but if she likes you, and you’re not a dog, she’s gonna make somebody a swell friend.

And, who do we have here? It’s Addie, also from House of Mews Rescue:

Credit: House of Mews Rescue

Addie is known as Cleveland’s classiest calico! She’s playful, she’s loving, and she’s waiting for you. Thank you Addie!

And finally, meet the creatively-named “Tiger” from Friendship APL of Lorain County:

Credit: Friendship APL

In the parlance of modern times, Tiger would be labelled a "thicc boi."  He is ten years old and is equipped with enough cushion on his frame for enhanced cuddling ability. Tiger likes being around people and other cats and his favorite things are wet food, being pet by you a lot, suddenly acting like he is supposed to be somewhere else, and wet food!

And those are just a few of the kitties on the market at just just a few of the many locations in the area participating in Clear The Shelters this month.

Visit the Clear The Shelters site to learn more and find out how you can adopt or help out.

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