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Mike Polk Jr. on the Cleveland tradition of spring snow

'Sometimes it snows in May and sometimes it’s 85 degrees on Thanksgiving. It comes with the territory.'

CLEVELAND — 3News Weather Update: Despite how significantly April it is, it snowed last night.

But don't take my word for it. Check out some of the many breathtaking, snow-ful pictures that our viewers were kind enough to send our way. Thanks for those, folks. 

And if you still don't believe me, you need only consult the meteorological expertise exhibited on my Facebook feed this morning, and pretty much every single time the weather takes a turn.

It's like clockwork. Whenever this happens, a reliable contingent of my friends and family members snap into action by documenting the astounding development of snow accumulation on their back decks, because otherwise how would we really know it happened?

In fairness, some people express genuine appreciation and wonder for the serene beauty left behind by such weather, but the far more common response tends to be one of exasperation and indignation, resentment that is often aimed towards either the mythological figure of Mother Nature, or the state of Ohio itself.

The worst offenders have even been known to incorporate cringe-worthy puns Really Daryl? "Say it ain't snow"?

Now, complaining about the weather around these parts is not only completely warranted; it's a part of our identity. It's as much of a Cleveland tradition as polka music and high cholesterol.

You have every right to complain, if you wish. Snow in late April is no fun for anyone, particularly the Indians batting order who all get to swing a wooden bat in this mess tonight (update: it seems even they couldn't take it).

Frustration about bad weather is not what vexes me; it's the sense of surprise that so many people express. How do my Facebook friends still seem to be caught off guard by the erratic Ohio weather after all of this time? Did you just get here? It has literally been like this since you were born. How is this still catching you off guard?

It's like if someone who lived in the Libyan Desert were to post on Facebook, "Wow, can't believe how hot it is out here today! Thanks a lot, Mother Nature!" Of course it’s hot! You're in North Africa!

Sorry, I didn't mean to snap at you, hypothetical Libyan. My point is that, historically speaking, the only truly predictable thing about our weather is that it is supremely unpredictable. Sometimes it snows in May and sometimes it's 85 degrees on Thanksgiving. It comes with the territory.

I, personally, LIKE that we Ohioans get to experience every conceivable variety of weather. I believe that it makes us all more well-rounded people. We know what it is to be excruciatingly hot and to be infuriatingly cold. Every year we get to witness the quiet majesty of autumn and the rebirth of spring, even if it does get interrupted sometimes.

And not to try to sound too positive or anything, because that’s not really my brand, but I think our bananas weather situation provides us with a unique sense of appreciation. Ever notice how everyone is suddenly in a great mood when the weather finally turns nice? The reason for that is simple: If you truly want to appreciate what it is to be warm, you've got to spend some time in the cold.

So maybe this is the last snowfall of the year. I sure hope so, but I certainly wouldn't count on it. This isn’t my first rodeo, and I'm prepared to wear either shorts or a parka tomorrow.