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Watch again: Myles Garrett's shocking reveal, Emma Pfouts update, a dangerous new Tiktok trend, & more on What's New with Betsy Kling & Jay Crawford

Plus, Mike Polk goes live at Malley’s Chocolates Drive through in Brook Park to pick up some sweet treats just in time for the holiday.


In Friday's episode of What's New with Betsy Kling and Jay Crawford, Garrett alleges Steelers player Mason Rudolph used a racial slur against him, 3News' Drew Horansky gives an update on the technology that is helping Norton cheerleader Emma Pfouts to communicate, and why parents should be worried the "tripping challenge" trend gaining popularity on Tiktok. 

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Carl Bachtel heads to Wade Oval where the ice rink has turned pink for Valentine’s Day. Watch live as weddings take place in this festive Cleveland spot. 

Should sports betting be legal in Ohio? Weigh in now! 

Chapel Hill Mall owners buy another mall in Ashtabula, and what does this mean? 

Petitions gain popularity in Ohio for school holiday parties to make a comeback. 

In "Pop Break," digital anchor Stephanie Haney shows a first look at Robert Pattinson as Batman, and why Wendy Williams is in the news again.