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First Look: Nubeigel opens in Cleveland Heights

From Jerusalem to Cleveland. One businessman is using bagels to fill a hole in his new community.

CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, Ohio — When Josh Admon made the move from Jerusalem to Northeast Ohio, he began his hunt for a place to open his new business. A baker by trade, and a long-time businessman, Admon wasn't quiet sure what his next venture would be. 

However, when he stumbled upon his current shop on Lee Road in Cleveland Heights he knew what it was meant to become immediately. 

"When I found this place, I knew that it was gonna be bagels. It just, to me made a lot of sense. Like the area is like screaming for a bagel place, in my opinion," explained Admon. 

With that in mind, Admon created Nubeigel, a bagel and coffee shop that does things differently. 

"The concept is taking an old traditional feel good product. That's familiar to people that everyone likes and kind of introducing a new, fun, modern, not necessarily as much, but just kind of an old new mix," says Admon. 

The selections at Nubeigel are kosher and hand-made fresh every morning.

"We have a plain bagel and everything bagel, Sesame, poppy, and a spicy everything bagel, which is been going really well. It's very good," Admon said with a grin. 

But making a bagel is no easy process. According to Admon, it's a multi-step process that include a two-day fermentation process.

"About three, three and a half hours before we open take the dough out, portion it, hand, roll it, let it proof for another half hour, boil it and then bake it," he explains. "I wanted the bagel to be the, the main star, the main character of the story here."

But outside of the space speaking to him, Admon say the Cleveland Heights area had exactly what he was looking for when it comes to diversity and community. 

"I wanted to have as much of any eclectic crowd as I could and Cleveland Heights, you know, just speaks for itself in that way," he said. 

Nubeigel is open Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. to 1: 30 p.m. and they’re constantly adding new items to their menu—they even sell coffee from Edda Coffee Roasters

"We're using a, a fantastic coffee...The roaster, his name is, Charlie Eisenstat formerly from, Pour Cleveland. 

But if you want to know the owners go-to order—he keeps it simple.

"I’m kind of a classical guy, so I like a Sesame bagel, but plain cream cheese, tomato, cucumber, red onion and locks," said Admon. "That's that's the way I go. That's that's the I roll."


Editor's Note: The above video aired on July 23, 2022

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