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Selena Gomez speaks to an ex through song & Bethenny Frankel reveals why she left the 'Real Housewives' world in Pop Break on What's New

Plus, Will Ferrell takes his turn in the hot seat on Hot Ones with host Sean Evans, to promote his new movie, "Downhill," which is out in theaters now

While some stars are sending veiled messages to ex-lovers through new music lyrics, others are laying it all out there in candid interviews, for all the world to see.

Digital anchor Stephanie Haney breaks down the stories behind Hollywood's top headlines, in Pop Break on What's New.

Selena Gomez is sending a powerful message in her new song, "Feel me," off her album, "Rare.  She seems to be talking to a cheating ex lover, about how he'll never be with anyone who will be as good she was to him.

In on lyric, she sings: "No one love you like I love ya / never cheat, never lie."

In the chorus, she talks about never being unforgettable, singing: "Every time you dance with somebody / I want you to feel me / I want you to feel me."

Today's Google Doodle features one of Mexico's biggest stars, Roberto Gomez Bolaños, who created the bpopular Mexixcan TV show, "Chavo del Ocho."

The late performer was a beloved comedian, film and TV director, singer and playwright. Today would have been his 91st birthday. 

Business mogul and reality star Bethenny Frankel is getting real about why she left the Real Housewives of New York City, a move which she announced in August.

It turns out she just doesn't want to do it anymore,and it had nothing to do with her paycheck. In a new interview with Variety, Frankel says: "I wasn't leaving because of money, I was staying because of money." 

Now she says she doesn't need the cash and you couldn't pay her enough to "Sit somewhere and cry over something she wouldn't normally care about."

Frankel says she wants to focus on her family, philanthrophy and career.

And Will Ferrell just took his turn in the hot seat on Hot Ones with host Sean Evans, to promote his new movie, "Downhill," which is out in theaters now.

Hot Ones is a viral YouTube series where interview guests eat 10 scorching hot chicken wings, that get hotter and hotter as the questions get hotter and hotter.

Some highlights: Ferrell says he's not on Twitter because he got shouted off after just four days for promoting a charity event, and he shut down the rumor that he needed alcohol to get naked in front of Snoop Dogg while filming "Old School". 

Ferrell's Downhill co-star Julia Louise Dreyfus missed the shoot because she wasn't feeling well. Before he left, Ferrell had a message for his co-star.

"Was it worth it? absolutely not," Ferrell said, of torching his taste buds with the spicy meal. "I have never had an interview like this. I wish Julia could've been here."

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