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Socializing through social distancing with Mike Polk Jr. and Jay Crawford

Jay Crawford and Mike Polk Jr. have a Virtual "Man Date"

CLEVELAND — Some people are simply not meant to not be around people. They thrive on the very kind of inter-connectivity that they are currently being deprived of as we all adjust to our temporary, socially-distanced society.

I’m not one of those people.

I like people. Not all of them to be sure, but several. Heck, I even love some of them.

But I’ve always been very comfortable in my own company. Too comfortable, actually, according to the rigid standards of some exes and therapists.

Regardless, all of the inadvertent isolation training that I’ve been doing in my whole life has left me uniquely prepared for this moment in history.

But there’s a flip side to that. Because some people need social interaction as if it were oxygen. We all have friends and coworkers of this persuasion and they are in a particularly rough spot right now.  I genuinely sympathize.

Because I’m already experiencing all the other stuff that comes with this crisis: the fear, the uncertainty, the concern about our loved ones.

If I were a passionately-social person and my ability to personally interact with people were also taken from me I could definitely imagine how that would be tough.

That’s why I feel bad for my work buddy Jay. Jay genuinely loves engaging with people. On any given day at the office his voice is omnipresent. He will talk about anything with anyone and he remains fully engaged no matter the topic.

You just bought a new paddle board? That’s awesome! Jay’s been wanting to get into that! Where’s a good place to paddle around here?

You guys talking about last night’s primary debate? Jay wants to hear your two cents on that.

Just got a new dog? Bring that phone over here! Jay wants to get a peek at Banjo!

And it’s real. He’s not faking it.

Believe it or not, TV people can be a bit fake some times, and it took me about a month to establish that Jay is indeed earnest and that’s really just how he is. It’s remarkable. 

This is all to say that Jay is obviously having a slightly more difficult time transitioning into working from the home than I am. So I thought it would be good to check in on him via Zoom to make sure he was doing okay.

I also might have missed him a bit.

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