Taylor Swift is being more politically outspoken then ever, Margot Robbie shares the savage way her and her friends deal with breakups and scandal rocks the Royals again, this time on the streaming screen as it's been revealed The Crown will be cut short. Digital anchor Stephanie Haney has all of those in your Friday Pop Break on What's New.

It runs out Robbie, the star of the highly anticipated film "Birds of Prey" which premieres on February 6, has real-life inspiration for her role as Harley Quinn the Joker’s jaded ex-girlfriend. 

Robbie tells Entertainment Tonight her and her friends in Australia have a pact. “Anytime a dude breaks up with a girl in the group, all the girls go and egg his car," she says.

The rule is so strict that she’s had to call her girl gang off when she was one to end things. 

Speaking of things coming to an end, Netflix’s hit biographical drama, "The Crown," is being cut short, and will now run for only five five seasons.

The incredibly regal Imelda Staunton will bring the series home as Queen Elizabeth II, following up from Olivia Colman and Claire Foy. Foy started the show and stayed on through the end of season two. Colman picked up where Foy left off in season three, which dropped in November, and will stay on through season four.

The show was originally planned to run 6 seasons, but will not stop with season five, taking the British royals into the 21st century but conveniently stopping short of introducing Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Creator Peter Morgan says, “it has become clear to me that this is the perfect time and place to stop.”

Back on this side of the pond, Taylor Swift is committing to having a voice in politics, with her new song, "Only The Young," dropping today.

This outspoken nature is new for Swift, who at  age 22 in 2012, told Time: “I don't talk about politics because it might influence other people.”

The lyrics touches on election meddling, school shootings and racism, with lines including: "They aren’t gonna help us, too busy helping themselves, they aren’t gonna change this, we’ve got to do it ourselves," and "only one thing can save us, only the young."

The song is featured in her documentary, Miss Americana, also available to stream today on Netflix.

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