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Celebrate Halloween with a "Witches Brew" cocktail

Dive Bar's Bryan Yost shows us how to make a fun Halloween spirit from home.

CLEVELAND — Even though most of us are skipping Halloween parties this year, we can still get into the spirit at home. 

Bryan Yost from Dive Bar stopped by Thursday's What's New to tell us all about their new 'Witches Brew'-inspired Halloween cocktail they are serving this fall. 

You only need a few simple ingredients that you might already have in your house. 


Sugar, milk, matcha powder, vodka, cream

*Makes 6 servings


  1. Add 2 cups of sugar, 2 cups of whole milk, 3 tbsp matcha powder to pot
  2. Heat on low heat until simmer, sugar is dissolved
  3. Put container in fridge and allow to cool/gel
  4. Take mixture out of fridge and add 2 cups of vodka
  5. Fill glass with ice and add mixture leaving room at the top
  6. Gently pour cream over beverage and sprinkle a lit bit of matcha powder on top