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2021 Refresh: How to organize like a professional

Getting organized can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to big spaces. But Lauren Herzog, owner of 'All Things Organized,' shares her best advice.

CLEVELAND — This is the year you’re going to get organized! How many times have you said that to yourself? But getting organized can be overwhelming. In this 2021 Refresh, we talk with the owner of "All Things Organized" on how to do a professional job.

“You know it's your stuff it's very personal um you spent money on it people gave things to you there's sentimental attachments to things,” says Lauren Herzog.

It's your stuff and it's stuffed into closets, drawers, basements and sometimes entire rooms. But with the growing trend of "tidying up", professional organizers are sharing their secrets.

“What is bothering you the most like what is just driving you crazy?” asks Lauren. That’s the question she asks her clients when helping them start.

“Sometimes I do recommend starting with smaller projects rather than taking on something like a basement or garage or an attic,” says Lauren.

Like starting with that dreaded closet. But Lauren says people make a mistake right off the bat.

“For closets it's interesting because a lot of people sit will say to me: ‘I want to have you come organize my closet but I need to go through it and get rid of things first.
And something that I find to be very true is that often it's easier to thin out and edit your closet in any space after it's organized,” says Lauren.

To organize like a professional, group items together in the same category, then arrange by color. Everything should face the same direction and on matching hangers.

So, how do we weed out items? Lauren has a few questions you should ask yourself.

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“I will ask is when is the last time you've used it or worn it or wanted to put your fingers on it and do something with it and if another question I like to ask people is would you buy it today like if you saw this in the store would you spend your money on it now and if the answer is yes they're probably going to use it.”

And beware of buying all those pretty baskets and containers before you organize your stuff.

“A lot of times people buy a whole bunch of baskets bins and then they just start putting their stuff in it because it's there and it's like ‘Oh, here this goes in here’. And they're not really thinking about: 'Do I want this? Am I going to use it?’”

Lauren recommends buying clear containers so you can see everything inside. That way you know where it is at all times and you also don’t buy duplicates.

Another piece of advice: Either hire a professional for a big job or bring in a friend to help you go through your things. That way, there’s an objective opinion in the process.