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Mom Minute Monday: How to avoid holiday burnout this year

Thanksgiving is days away and there's still an entire holiday season of physical distancing ahead of us. We talk to an expert about how you can make the most of it.

CLEVELAND — It’s no secret things are different this year amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

This week as part of our Mom Minute Monday segment, 3News’ Maureen Kyle talked to Dr. Francois Adan, a psychiatrist from University Hospitals Connor Integrative Health Network, about how to avoid holiday burnout.

“It gets overwhelming. How do we deal with those overwhelming feelings? Is that normal?” asks Maureen.

“Of course it is normal! We really feel overwhelmed right now and some of us are even reaching a state of burnout,” says Dr. Adan.

“Every year we talk about holiday burnout. This is something that's not specific to the pandemic.”

She also says that we can still celebrate together, just in different ways.

Also, think about the holiday traditions that are your favorite from past years and adapt them if necessary.

“Remember what we like to do. Is it the cooking, is it the eating, is it the decorating, is it the shopping, is it the playing games?” says Dr. Adan. “Maybe we will spend even more time with some of our loved ones.”

Dr. Adan also reminds us to keep in mind that this isn't going to last forever. 

While it's hard to not have the big holiday parties to look forward to, there is an end in sight.

“It's not going to be the same but if we plan ahead, we are going to be able to connect with each other and remember what's important.”

The doctor also wants everyone to remember to continue other healthy habits, such as staying active, eating a balanced diet and getting good sleep.    

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