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Mom Minute Monday: Jean styling tips from fashion expert

In our new series, 'Mom Minute Monday,' we hope to help make daily life a little easier. This Monday, we have simple tips for a fall closet refresh for your denim!

CLEVELAND — Maybe you've been living solely in comfy clothes since the pandemic began.

3News’ Maureen Kyle got some expert fashion advice on the best jeans for moms from Hallie Abrams, The Wardrobe Consultant.

“I feel like I'm seeing so many trends when it comes to jeans,” says Maureen. “What is the hottest trend for 2020 fall?”

Hallie says, when it comes to jeans, it's all about “a higher waist with a longer leg, in sort of a boot cut to a bell cut.”

She also points out that skinny jeans will always be in, but the legs on most jeans will be cut much straighter.

Maureen had a lot of other questions about denim, and Hallie was happy to answer!

Maureen: Light wash or dark wash?

Hallie: If you're only going to have one pair, I would have a dark wash because that will sort of go with everything… but if you are adding on and you already have a dark wash, I think light wash is wonderful because it sort of has this softness to it.

Maureen: Rips or no rips in the knee?

Hallie: I'm not really encouraging people to buy things that have rips. But if you have them in your closet 100% you can wear them.

Maureen: What is your favorite detail on a jean?

Hallie: I really like a raw hem on the bottom… it gives that roughness without necessarily being holes.

Maureen: What is your favorite top to pair with jeans?

Hallie: A t-shirt!... it could be a white t-shirt it could be a graphic t-shirt… 100% t-shirt and jeans all the way!

We also asked Hallie to give us some of her favorite jeans brands.

If you're on a budget, she says Old Navy is a great value. She recommends Madewell and KUT from the Kloth for a mid-price jean. If you want to go designer, she says Frame, Mother and Good American are her favorites.

For more tips from Hallie, check out her website here. She has a blog, and is always sharing great fashion advice.