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Will you get the COVID-19 vaccine once it's available in the US? 'On the GO!' 3News morning aftershow

Danielle Wiggins, Maureen Kyle, Dave Chudowsky and Hollie Strano discuss the question with viewers.
Credit: WKYC

CLEVELAND — It’s a question we’re all going to have to consider soon … "Will I get vaccinated for COVID-19?"

That’s the topic of today’s edition of the "On the GO!" 3News morning aftershow with Danielle Wiggins, Maureen Kyle, Dave Chudowsky and Hollie Strano.

The conversation comes as Britain is set to become one of the first countries to begin vaccinating its population after authorizing a COVID-19 vaccine for emergency use on Wednesday.

Most viewers participating in the live aftershow said they would not take the vaccine when it becomes available in the US.

Watch the full episode of "On the GO!" for Wednesday, Dec. 2 in the player below:

“I think people are afraid that it is rushed," says Facebook user Dawn Broadway. "We have vaccines that have been around for decades that people won’t get.”

Dawn says, however, that she’s open to getting vaccinated because of her profession. 

“I’m a teacher … in school face to face … I think I will so that we can remain in school. It is a difficult decision.”

In the U.S., the CDC decided that healthcare workers and other essential employees will get the first rounds of available COVID-19 vaccines. Nursing home and long-term care facility residents will follow. States will ultimately make the final decisions on distributions. It will take several months to immunize anyone who wants the vaccine.

Where do you stand? Tell us in the post below:

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