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Worth the watch: local pup learns how to carry family's groceries into the house

3News viewer Rebecca Boatman shared this video with us, in hopes of brightening everyone's day!

LAKEWOOD, Ohio — Dog-gone helpful. That's what Wilson is to the Boatman family in Lakewood, Ohio. 

A video of Wilson-- the Boatman family's pup-- was sent to WKYC over the weekend of the dog carrying groceries into the house.

3News’Dave Chudowsky got the chance to talk to Rebecca Boatman and her daughter, Alicia -- and of course, Wilson!

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“Unbelievable video, so much fun to watch Wilson do this,” said Dave. “Give me a play-by-play of what it's like to see him do this. Because, I mean, that's a pretty long walk to get the groceries and then bring it back.”

“He hears you come home and he'll wait at the door,” says Alicia. “So then you let him out, he'll run to the car, usually he'll put his paws up on the trunk. Then you give him the groceries and he brings them back.”

“He always turns and comes back for more,” says Rebecca. “If you're in the house and he hears a bag that you're carrying, he will meet you at that door and he'll want to carry that bag.

They also talked about the funniest things Wilson does while carrying in the groceries.

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“He really likes our neighbors, so he will sometimes get confused and take them the groceries,” says Alicia.

Wilson has actually dug a hole under the fence between his home and the neighbors, and Rebecca and Alicia are convinced he’s planning an escape.

They tell us Wilson was never trained to do this. He just loves to carry any and everything.

“That’s his thing,” says Rebecca.

She hopes this video will help brighten up people’s day, during what has been a difficult past few months.

“With all that’s going on right now, he's the bright spot in our day.”

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