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Channel 3 anchors share their most memorable stories

Our 70th anniversary celebration continues this month on Channel 3.

Our 70th anniversary celebration continues this month on Channel 3. So many of you have reached out to share your favorite memories with us. We have our special remembrances too.

Recently, Sara Shookman, Betsy Kling, Hollie Strano, Russ Mitchell and Jim Donovan sat down to talk about some of the stories they found most memorable.

Betsy Kling: “I got to Channel 3 in 2003 and it was a dream to come home. And we started right out of the gate with big stories. The northeast blackout of 2003 happened. And we had 3 days of no electricity. But it was such a great example of Cleveland being Cleveland. We were all tense and worried. Would there be crime? Would there be rioting? We didn't know what was going to go on. What ended up happening, was people ended up coming out of their houses, sat on their front porches, and the community all came together.”

Sara Shookman: “I think the biggest story would be the moment that Amanda, Gina and Michelle were found on Seymour avenue. I had been working here for about a year. Amanda and I are almost the same age. And it meant something to be covering a story about these women who had lost a decade of their lives in captivity. I think about all that I had learned in that same period of time. It raised a whole lot of emotions and issues about safety in this town. About who had gone looking for them. About the work their families and police department had done. And yet it was truly a celebration because these girls were okay. They were alive.

Russ Mitchell: “When I think of memorable moments at Channel 3, Chardon comes back to mind. Of course, that was something, that was borne from tragedy, but I can remember spending the days and weeks there covering that story. And what struck me was how that community pulled together. And how those people pulled together. And it said to, what a lucky guy that you get to live in a place like this.”

Hollie Strano: “I think when I look back what stands out to me most is Cleveland sports, believe it or not. I think back to the parade. Who is ever going to forget that one. Just the people. You! It was so overwhelming in the best way possible. And we, the station, handing out bottles of water. As people were just lining up the streets with our Cavs, that was really a spectacular memory. The tribe, the Indians, all of the time spent at progressive field and the Q. “

Jim Donovan: “No doubt about it, it would have to be when the Cavaliers won the NBA Championship, because, forever, since I got here, everybody was wondering would we ever win a championship sports wise, in Cleveland? And so many people just kept talking about when the Browns won it in 1964. So, when the Cavs won the championship, I always wondered what it would be like. And it was amazing. It even went beyond my expectations. The way they won it, in the seventh game, winning it on the road, the celebration here at home leading up to an amazing parade with one-point-three million people in attendance. It was everything and more, and lead by a guy that actually grew up here, LeBron James. I mean, it was an absolutely a perfect celebration.”

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