Tom Beres’ first story at WKYC was about a floating cardboard boat competition at Cleveland State University.

Thirty-seven years later and he continues to navigate unchartered waters. Perhaps none as unfamiliar as the waters he found himself in Monday night at his final City Council meeting – the story became about him.

“Tom Beres exemplifies professionalism, integrity and honesty,” Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson said as the city gave Tom a proclamation and named the stretch of Lakeside Avenue in front of WKYC Channel 3 as ‘Tom Beres Way.' “He has a deep understanding of the issues, which makes a lot of difference, believe me.”

This praise heaped upon the longest running news reporter in Cleveland television today was a total surprise to WKYC’s Senior Political Correspondent.

“I will genuinely say I did not suspect this,” Beres said. “It’s always been my goal to be an old school and old style journalist.”

“He's bringing up the next gen of bright young reporters,” said Micki Byrnes, President and General Manager of WKYC-TV. “They will hopefully take that flag and keep going. He's been a joy and amazing to work with.”

To a standing ovation at City Hall he thanked those that helped him tell his stories – but even as he was handed a commemorative version of his newly named street sign, the journalist in him was fully present: “This is a misappropriation of taxpayer dollars.”

Tom's wife Susan may have had the line of the night: Because Tom loses keys, cellphones, etc regularly, Susan believes the street should be named "Tom Beres Lost His Way."

Beres' final day at WKYC Channel 3 will be on December 21.