Sometimes the internet bestows upon us something we're undeserving of.

This time it comes from a group of high schoolers in Hawaii who created 38 seconds of pure internet gold dubbed 'Micronesia Mulan.' They reenacted, word for word, the I'll Make A Man Out Of You scene where Mulan literally smashes the 600 A.D. glass ceiling.

Mulan is the Chinese Disney princess movie about a kick-butt heroine who poses as a man in order to enter the Chinese army in place of her elderly father. She basically saved the entirety of China while breaking down dangerous gender stereotypes and showing little girls it's okay to be strong and smart. She then retires to live a quiet life with her family because she is humble.

My very passionate feelings about the Chinese princess aside, these kids did a bang up job



Bonus outtakes can be seen here! Congrats on winning the internet!

Destiny Johnson is a digital reporter at First Coast News and she knows every word to I'll Make A Man Out Of You and she isn't afraid to sing it. You can follow her on Twitter @hello_destiny.