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'Until Tomorrow’ challenge pops up on Instagram; what is it and how to participate

The trend includes posting funny or embarrassing pictures and leaving them up for 24 hours

If you woke up to a stream of Instagram posts with the caption ‘until tomorrow’ you are definitely not alone.

A new social media trend going around has users posting funny and embarrassing pictures of themselves with the caption ‘until tomorrow’ and leaving them up for only 24 hours.

Although the origins are unknown, the challenge itself is spreading like wildfire. The only rules are that if you like someone else’s post you then have to participate, and anyone who likes yours then joins in on the fun.

The photos range from silly to hilariously humiliating, so of course 3News decided to get in on the action.

The newest challenge comes in a string of games and activities that encourage social media users to tag their friends to keep the challenge going.

Check out our ‘until tomorrow’ post on our Instagram below! 

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