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3news' Monica Robins shares an update on her recovery, what she is thankful for this year

"I'm incredibly thankful I'm alive." #MonicaRocks

CLEVELAND — As you know, 3News' senior health correspondent Monica Robins had surgery a couple of months ago to remove a brain tumor.

'I AM DOING QUITE WELL': 3News' Monica Robins shares video update following brain surgery

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She's been recovering at home—and wanted to share an update with you all. Our own Betsy Kling got to speak with her Wednesday via FaceTime, and asked her what she's thankful for this year.

"I want everybody to understand something," she said. "As you're sitting around your Thanksgiving table tomorrow, and you are with your friends or family or whoever you are privileged enough to be with, you need to be thankful for those moments that you have."

Monica added she is making progress in her recovery, and feels "awesome" following her latest visit to the doctor. Her vision still isn't perfect (as expected), but everything is mostly on schedule.

"I got to walk Fergus today all by myself!" she happily told us, referring to her loyal dog.

But even with her own struggles, the health of our viewers was first on Monica's mind, even around the holidays.

"I know everyone's going to overeat tomorrow, and that's okay," she said. "But if you do, get your butt off that chair and go for a walk.

"You're allowed to overeat tomorrow, just tomorrow! And if you don't go for a walk tomorrow, get out and go for a walk on Friday!"

Also, Monica doesn't want us to forget about the germs that can be spread this time of year.

"It is cold flu season!" she passionately exclaimed. "Wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands! And get your flu shot, please go get your flu shot!"

In Monica's own words, we didn't expect anything less. As far as herself, though?

"I'm incredibly thankful I'm alive," she said. "That is what I'm grateful for, and I'm [also] most grateful for...I know know what it truly means to be blessed, and I'm truly blessed to have the people I have in my life."

Monica still hopes to be back on the air sometime next year. In the meantime, watch the extended version what she said to Betsy below: