SANDUSKY, Ohio -- Another upgrade is coming to Cedar Point in 2017: A brand new logo.

Although you may not have noticed, Cedar Point has already been using the fresh logo on their Web site, Facebook and Twitter page.

Check out the new design (app users can SEE IT HERE):

Cedar Point new logo 2017
<p>(Photo: Cedar Point)</p>

“The logo did change recently, but its use in the park and on marketing materials will be gradual,” park spokesperson Tony Clark tells WKYC. “I don’t have an exact timeline on the rollout for every entity with the logo on it, but it will be a gradual process.”

Below is some of the initial feedback by fans posting on the fan site:

- “It's damn ugly, especially compared to the ‘old’ logo which conveys an nostalgic amusement park image,” a forum writer known as Captain Hakeye wrote. “The ‘new’ logo conveys generic soulessness.”

- “The ‘new’ logo looks like it’s from decades ago,” CP_Obsessed_Freak1087 posted. “Very generic and boring, and easy to forget.”

- “As long as the flag dots the ‘I’ most people won’t know the difference,” Bluestreaker wrote.

- “I like the new logo; I just wish they could’ve kept the previous one’s color scheme,” Perpetual Obsession wrote.

- “It’s much better,” XS NightClub posted.

Meanwhile, construction crews are busy bustling around Mean Streak. Although it has not been officially confirmed by Cedar Point, speculation insists the rickety coaster is being transformed by the Rocky Mountain Construction company into a wood-steel hybrid experience.

Mean Streak held its final rides in September.

The biggest addition for the summer is the expansion of Soak City as it becomes Cedar Point Shores with new water slides, restaurants and shops.

Cedar Point opens for the 2017 season on Saturday, May 6.