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Cedar Point to make announcement today: 'We begin writing our next chapter'

Here's what we know so far...
Credit: Cedar Point
(Photo: Cedar Point)

UPDATE: The announcement has been made. CLICK HERE to see what Cedar Point has up its sleeve for 2019.

SANDUSKY, Ohio -- There’s a new mystery brewing at Cedar Point.

What changes are coming to the park?

We will have some answers at 2 p.m. Tuesday.

It all started when Cedar Point tweeted a tease Monday featuring a close-up picture of a pencil: “We begin writing our next chapter…tomorrow at 2pm.”

This sparked a swirl of speculation that the wooden No. 2 pencil was a hint at the park building a new wooden roller coaster.

Others suggest this could be pointing to updates with the Cedar Creek Mine Ride roller coaster.

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Although we don’t know what’s officially expected, here’s what we do know:

- Cedar Point isn't hosting a media event for their announcement. Instead, WKYC has confirmed the details will be revealed on social media.

- This announcement will NOT likely be an all-new roller coaster for 2019. Here’s why… Typically, Cedar Point makes major attraction announcements to coincide with the day they launch season pass ticket sales. Since 2019 season passes were available to purchase starting last week, this is a strong clue that we shouldn’t anticipate a behemoth addition. Plus, Steel Vengeance was added just this year, which also trends more toward Cedar Point offering something less substantial for next summer.

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- 2020 is Cedar Point’s 150th milestone anniversary, which could be the year park officials are focusing on for the next big attraction.

- Cedar Point will close the Witches’ Wheel on Monday, Sept. 3 and remove it for future expansion.

- Other Cedar Fair parks have announced they are closing their Dinosaurs Alive! walk-through attraction. Rumors suggest Cedar Point will do the same. When we asked if Cedar Point is closing Dinosaurs Alive!, park spokesperson Tony Clark declined to comment. If it does close, this would create a large swath of available land for future expansion. One more thing… Dinosaurs Alive! has been an added perk for Platinum Pass holders who get free access to experience the up-charge animatronic-filled attraction. The 2019 Platinum Pass benefits list does not include Dinosaurs Alive!

- Strange teaser posters have been popping up all throughout Cedar Point that seemingly connect to Kings Island.

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