SANDUSKY, Ohio -- The mystery has been lifted.

After months of speculation about what it could be, Cedar Point gave WKYC’s Ryan Haidet a brief glimpse at the special surprise awaiting Valravn riders.

“It’s something that has never been done at an amusement park before,” spokesperson Tony Clark said.

So, what is it?

For the first time ever, Cedar Point is creating augmented reality that changes the way its guests see the park.

During a brief demonstration, Clark whipped out his smartphone and pointed it at Valravn’s throne photo-op location just outside the coaster's queue line.

But he didn’t snap a photo.

Instead, his screen started counting down.




Suddenly, the mystical Valravn swooped out of the sky and tightened its talons atop the throne.

Perfect time to snap a photo with the Valravn itself posing right along with your group.

Here’s the biggest part of the secret. Clark explained this techy twist will pop up at numerous locations throughout the park -- not just Valravn -- each spot with its own special element.

Park guests will be able to access this new feature using a specific component of the Cedar Point app.

Valravn, which is Cedar Point’s 18th roller coaster, breaks a total of 10 world records including its designation as the world’s longest, tallest and fastest dive coaster.