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Local couple reunites at Menorah Park, after months apart

Andrew Gordon and Renee Krause hadn't sat across from one another in more than four months. Love was in the air, when they were finally brought back together.

BEACHWOOD, Ohio — Renee Krause visited her husband, Andrew Gordon, in person, for the first time in four months, last week. They still had to keep six feet apart, but it's a good start.

Andrew has lived at Menorah Park in Beachwood for the last 14 years.

“He had a very big brain tumor and they operated on it. And, um, a lot of complications that resulted him requiring care that I couldn't provide for him," Renee recalled.

It was a profound visit, because it was the first time the two had been across from one another in a very long time.

Andrew is in good hands.

“They take really good care of Andrew here," Renee said.

He's made it through eight brain surgeries, and most recently, a battle with COVID-19 for two months. Though mostly asymptomatic, he was only recently cleared from the virus.

Now, the couple forges on -- in love -- as they have for 28 years.

“It's awesome to see this beautiful lady right here ... it's the highlight of my day. Highlight of my month," Andrew said of seeing Renee for the first time in such a long time.

They're grateful, but long for the moment where they can embrace one another again.

“The best part is, I'm hoping this is moving us toward the day that I could kiss him again, Renee said.

For now, they'll admire each other -- at a safe distance.

“This man has been through hell and back many times, and he is a survivor, and I'm blessed to have him," Renee said.

“She makes me happy. She's a great cook. And I miss that a lot. She's the love of my life," Andrew said of his wife, as he gazed across to her. “I’ll call my bride till the day we die because she is.”

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