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10-year-old Shaker Heights boy among first to experience Disney World's Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser thanks to Make-A-Wish

10-year-old Jay Pabley will be one of 21 kids worldwide to be among the first to experience a new Disney World attraction.

SHAKER HEIGHTS, Ohio — Meet 10-year-old Jay Pabley, who is probably having the time of his life right now.

This Shaker Heights youngster is one of the first 21 kids in the whole world to test out the newest Walt Disney World experience -- the Star Wars Galactic Starruiser.

What does that mean, you ask?

Jay gets to spend two nights on the "ship," which is an immersive hotel decked out like a real space ship filled with Star Wars characters and experiences. This is all thanks to Make-A-Wish Ohio, which has been working with the Pabley family since Jay was diagnosed with leukemia three years ago.

He has been using all his super powers to fight the disease, and just celebrated his three-year anniversary of being chemo-free this week! But while Jay was undergoing treatment his dad explains Star Wars was his comfort.

"When Jay was going through leukemia and he was in the hospital, he couldn't really do a whole lot, right? And so one of the thing we did a lot of, is watch Star Wars," Keith Pabley explains. "We started with the prequels and the original movies, and then we watched other stuff as he got older. And then Jay got into it on his own. Like started watching the Clone Wars."

"Clone Wars are the best, honestly," Jay says.

He and his family left for Florida on Thursday, for their multi-night stay in the starcruiser. 

While undergoing treatment, Jay and his parents even started a company called "Better than Good" snacks. Jay used to crave food that was bad for him while in the hospital and his parents wanted to find a way to satisfy that craving while keeping Jay healthy. So they created these protein-packed puffs -- and the business took off. They now deliver the snacks to other kids still in the hospital.

You can learn more about Better than Good snacks here.


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