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Emily Mayfield surprises Parma health care hero with day of pampering

Lindsey Wells is an ICU nurse at UH Parma Medical Center who always gives to others. Now, it's our turn to say thank you.

PARMA, Ohio — Jarod Wells sees his wife Lindsey’s dedication first-hand every single day. 

Lindsey is a devoted mom of two, and an ICU RN at University Hospitals Parma Medical Center. For the last year, she’s been at the front lines of the pandemic, helping those who need it most.

"I've always known that she's just an incredible person but when this whole pandemic thing hit, to see and hear the things that she's gone through...for her to still be that same person, really just shed a new light on just really how amazing she is," he said.

When 3News Special Contributor Emily Mayfield put a call out for deserving local frontline workers, Jarod wrote in to nominate Lindsey for a very well-deserved day of pampering.

Here's an excerpt from his email to 3News:

"No matter how hard it got at work, she has always been there to help with the difficulties of schooling during this pandemic. Things haven't been ideal but Lindsey is the driving force that has helped our family keep moving forward. I am so proud of everything she has accomplished and everything she continues doing. Lindsey wells is truly an amazing nurse, mother, wife and person."

Credit: Jarod Wells
Lindsey Wells and her sons Nolan and Carter.

Emily was moved by Jarod's letter and inspired by Lindsey's commitment to her job and her family. She knew that Lindsey could probably use a day of pampering and relaxation, so she reached out to some of her favorite spots around Northeast Ohio to plan a very special day.

In an interview with Jarod, Emily asked if Lindsey had any idea about the nomination, and wondered how she'd react to the surprise.

"She has no clue," Jarod said. "she's going to be thrilled just that that somebody's noticing the work that not necessarily just her but all nurses have put in and what they've done. Yeah, she's she's going to be extremely surprised."

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When the big day arrived...Jarod opened a Zoom with Emily and called Lindsey over.

When Lindsey saw Emily onscreen, she knew something was up.

"I know who you are, I love you," she laughed. 

But she had no idea why she was on the call.

"We want to give back to some of our healthcare heroes and your husband Jarod wrote the most beautiful submission about you," Emily said. "How does that make you feel?"

"I can't...I'm gonna cry. I can't even speak," said an emotional Lindsey.

Emily asked Lindsey about her experiences as a nurse during the pandemic.

"It's been one of the hardest times in my career," Lindsey said. "It's tough to to talk about without, you know, getting pretty emotional...we've seen a lot of sad things."

Credit: Jarod Wells
Lindsey Wells at work as an ICU RN during the pandemic.

Lindsey explained that through the pandemic, she's felt supported by a wonderful team of co-workers, and despite the challenges of her job this last year, she believes they have changed her as a nurse for the better.

Emily and Lindsey also spoke about how Lindsey has so much on her plate, she doesn't have much time for self-care. Lindsey admitted that her last haircut was done by Jarod.

Well, that's where some special friends of Emily's offered to help  - and wow, did they deliver.

Tabitha Baker, owner of Sacred Hour Wellness Spa, said she was excited to be gifting Lindsey one of their newest treatments.

"We're going to be giving you something called "Calming the Hara" which is a two-hour treatment. It incorporates a body scrub and massage and a rain shower and it's just our way of saying thank you for everything you've been doing during this time. So thank you from Sacred Hour we can't wait to see you."

Dr. Jakleen Labbad of Revital Med Spa said she's excited to take care of Lindsey with a "Diamond Glow Facial.

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"We are so excited to have you with us... to get your skin glowing and pamper you a little bit. We are so appreciative for all of your hard work and all of our healthcare heroes during this pandemic."

And Stylist Kathleen Cyngier at West Park Beauty Salon said she couldn't wait to give Lindsey the same treatments Emily loves.

"I am so excited to invite you for a custom cut and color service on me... I'm looking forward to meeting you."

Lindsey was blown away.

"Thank you. You have no idea... like I'm gonna start crying.... you have no idea how hard this has been for me this whole year and I appreciate it," she told Emily.

Credit: Jarod Wells
The Wells family.

But there was more.

"You're so inspiring, so thank you," Emily said. "And lastly, since [Jarod] made you get dressed up we're gonna just provide you guys with a a little night in with dinner and that's just from me and the WKYC family and Baker as well."

When the Wells' heard Emily mention her husband, Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield, they couldn't resist asking if he was home with Emily. 

Yes, there was one more amazing surprise in store for this whole family of Browns fans, as Baker himself joined the call.

"You guys Browns fans?" he asked Jarod and Lindsey's sons Nolan and Carter.

"Every single time there's anything Browns on these two are locked in and glued to it," Jarod said.

"We'll get you guys to a game next season," Baker said.

So from our team, to yours - thank you to Lindsey, and to all of our healthcare workers for all of your hard work.

Credit: Jarod Wells
Lindsey Wells after receiving her Covid-19 vaccine at work at UH Parma Medical Center.

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