SANDUSKY, Ohio -- Soaring above the Cedar Point swamp may never feel the same.

The Iron Dragon roller coaster is the first ride at the Sandusky amusement park to test virtual reality technology.

Park spokesperson Tony Clark tells WKYC the “early beta test” is being done on select dates and times with a handful of lucky thrill seekers.

“We’ll use this test to learn how it would impact our operations and if guests enjoy the experience,” Clark explains.

At this time, there are no official plans to roll the virtual reality option out to the general public.

Here’s how it works. Once you climb aboard the coaster train, you slide a VR headset over your eyes. The video you see in the headset matches the rushing coaster’s motions.

One person posted on the WKYC Facebook page saying she was lucky enough to be one of the ride’s virtual reality test subjects. She describes the experience as a medieval-type scenario.

“I was riding in a buggy being pulled by a horse, and there were Ogres trying to attack,” she wrote. “The road gave way and you begin to fall when a dragon swoops in and carries you off. There are people shooting at the dragon, and you go through a village that is on fire.”

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The first test rides of the Iron Dragon virtual reality took place during the weekend.

Earlier this year, Six Flags Over Georgia unleashed the first virtual reality coaster in North America with its Dare Devil Dive. See how this enhances a coaster by watching the video below (mobile users WATCH HERE).

New this year at Cedar Point is Valravn, the world’s tallest, longest and fastest dive coaster.