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'It was perfect': Ohio University couple gets engaged during virtual graduation ceremony

An Ohio University couple is celebrating one of life's big moments.
Credit: 10TV
Doug Wait proposes to girlfriend Ellie Morrison

ATHENS, Ohio — In a time where it can feel like life is on hold, an Ohio University couple is celebrating one of life's big moments.

Ellie Morrison and Doug Wait got engaged on Saturday. Morrison's family was hosting a virtual graduation ceremony for her and other Ohio University graduates. Wait saw this as his moment to pop the question - the special moment captured on camera.

"My heart was like pounding out of my chest," Wait said. "I had practiced what I was going to say the night before over and over again trying to make sure I didn't mess it up."

Morrison said, "It was perfect." She knew he was going to propose at some point, but this took her by surprise.

"As soon as he stood up, I was so excited that I zoned out almost," she said.

The couple started dating in 2015. They met in the high school marching band. Both played the tuba. They went on to both study at Ohio University. The rest was history.

"This whole past year he's been like, 'Eleanor, I have a proposal,'" Morrison laughed. Wait explained, "It started out as a mistake. I kind of used that phrase casually and she pointed it out, 'I thought you were proposing right then!' I was like, 'Oh, I'm sorry!' Then I started teasing her a little bit!'"

Wait said he originally planned to propose at Morrison's family Easter celebration. However, COVID-19 caused him to improvise.

"I don't think this is something either of us will ever forget," Wait said.

The happy couple already picked their wedding date and venue.