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Judge Sara J. Harper Village opens in Cleveland for homeless female veterans

The $2 million space was built to house 12 female veterans at a time.

CLEVELAND — The fastest growing population of homeless veterans is women.

Here in Cleveland, 12 have just found a home at Judge Sara J. Harper Village.

"This is a place for us to go here, we're going to be safe here, we're going to take care of each other here and I'm just excited to be a recipient," U.S. Air Force and U.S. Army veteran Rhonda Howell said.

Howell and Amani Mugongo are trying to process just what "home" means after getting their first glimpse at what it will look like.

"I was literally just wiping my tears off, I was crying tears of joy," Mugongo said.

For Mugongo, it's seeing the little things, like an oven, microwave and roomy closet just for her.

For Howell, it's the tangible reality of her own space.

"I have a place to turn my own key in my own door in my own place. I can't wait to cook, I can't wait to sit in there and just do nothing," Howell said.

All this, just in time for Veterans Day. 

They want you to know what that means.

"We need some help. This is help, this village is help," Howell said.

"Female veterans are strong and female veterans are resilient and female veterans are part of this community," Mugongo said.

Click here for more information and to help support the Sara J. Harper Village.

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