AKRON, Ohio — Laura Allio's life was cut short by cancer, but her husband is determined to be sure her legacy is not. Instead, he’s inspiring people in Akron and beyond through his mission, the L4 Project. 

“L4 is Live Life Like Laura,” Michael Allio said. “My wife and I, we were together for 16 years, and she passed January 23rd after a two year battle with triple negative [breast] cancer…During that entire time, she was a huge advocate for breast cancer awareness. Took a lot of her message to Facebook, and during the process, we just saw so much good come of it.”

We told Laura Allio's story after her diagnosis in 2017. Her positivity became a highlight on my Facebook feed, like many of her followers. 

Mike is still keeping up with his own posts since she passed, and it’s that spirit that sparked The L4 Project, a nonprofit clothing line that Michael designed to share Laura with friends old and new.

“Living life like Laura is not complaining. It’s being the change that you want to see in the world,” he said. “Go find a way to make a difference. It doesn’t have to be with money, it can be with time, it can be with energy. It can be with friendship and companionship.”

The idea is more than just Michael wearing his heart on his sleeve, it’s also a project to preserve her memory for their two-year-old son, James. 

“The goal is to let him know that his mother loved him so much. That she was somebody that befriended strangers, and try to find ways all the time to make the world a better place through laughter and friendship,” said Michael. “I saw people at the grocery store the other day wearing [L4], It made me feel that she was present. That we all kind of love the same person.”

The whole line is up online. You can check it out here

And you’re soon to be seeing L4 in even more places. WKYC worked with Amy Bradford of Amy’s Shoes, who was inspired by the Allio Family. Amy’s Shoes will soon carry part of the L4 line in her stores in Rocky River and Eton Chagrin Boulevard. 

The plan is to invest the proceeds in the community, helping those in need, and highlighting people doing great charity, without seeking the spotlight. 

“I hope it becomes a national brand,” Michael said. “I hope it becomes something on social media when you take a picture doing some good work, that you’re wearing your L4 Project. My wife can be connected with the good work you’re doing. And in turn, allow people to go back on the site, read more about her, and keep her spirit alive.”