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Black Light: Local floral designer elevates special moments with wall décor

Denisha Anderson creates memorable and unique experiences for her clients one petal at a time.

CLEVELAND — For many women, your wedding day is something you dream about. From the dress, to the venue, even the bridal shower, everything must be perfect.

When Cleveland Flower Walls owner, Denisha Anderson, was planning her bridal shower in 2018, her one wish was to have a flower wall as the centerpiece. But, after searching online and locally, she was unable to find what she so desperately wanted. 

Unwilling to accept defeat, Anderson decided to create her own-- what she didn’t know, is that it would be her gateway to full-time entrepreneurship.

"I made a mini flower wall for my bridal shower, and people started to inquire heavily about getting one for their wedding as well," she explained. 

With the support of local brides and the photography and handy work of her husband, Andrew, Denisha set out to fill a void here in Ohio, creating Cleveland Flowers Walls in January 2019. 

" I decided, this is my moment, this is my time," she recalls. 

According to Anderson, her passion for crafts began at a young age with a mother who worked a lot, but also ensured that she had craft projects to keep her busy.  

"I’ve always had this creative side of me and it just kind of burst out. And I use flowers as my tool to create now," she explains.

Seeing her new venture blossom, Anderson knew maintaining a steady clientele wouldn't be easy, but she was determined. 

“The first year, I was taking it day by day, I cleared out basically my savings account, and I said, 'I don’t have a plan B, this is what I want to do,' this has to work,” she said proudly. 

And it has, using quality silk flowers, Anderson creates beautiful, hand-crafted experiences for her clients. And they don’t just include brides, her designs are also used by businesses for marketing.

With the option of one-day rentals or permanent fixtures, her designs are custom groomed for every occasion. 

And even after as successful two years in business, Anderson still seizes every opportunity to elevate and advance her business. 

"Every day is a learning curve, I still haven’t figured it [all] out," she said. "It’s more so about understanding my client, understanding Cleveland, understating what we’re missing and trying to fill those gaps and be different."

So what's next for the bride that turned her craft into a six-figure business? 

According to Anderson, she wants to expand her business beyond Cleveland, servicing brides in all states. She also has plans to open a showroom and launch franchise locations. 

"I want to take over Ohio. I want everybody to know about Cleveland flower walls." 

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