They are the young stars of Shaker Dance Academy.

They are beautiful, well spoken, poised and talented.

But when they take the stage at Quicken Loans arena it will be more than what they saw as a great opportunity.

It turns out they will also be smack-dab in the middle of not so pretty politics.

A big name in Rock, Pink Floyd’s legendary Roger Waters has been surrounded by little people.

Kids tapped to join him on stage in cities along his In The Flesh Tour wearing shirts with RESIST across the front and singing the iconic song “Another Brick In The Wall”.

Shaker Dance Academy kids ages 4 to 15 years old will be doing the honors in Cleveland on Thursday.

“It’s something that could change my whole dance career," said dancer Kimora Langford of Shaker Heights.

"I would say it’s probably the biggest place I’ve performed so far," said dancer Kendal Wilson of Solon.

"It’s amazing to have an opportunity that I probably will never have," said dancer Oliviana Brooks of Cleveland.

Shaker Dance Academy owner, Tracey Webb is so proud of her girls she tears up just talking about them and the opportunity that came in a phone call she got just yesterday.

What Webb did NOT know is that Waters’ tour is decidedly anti-Trump.

Concerts include a huge floating pig with Trumps face on it.

“Trump is a pig" in larger than life letters.

Another screen says “Joker”.

Despite criticism, some unsuspecting fans even walking out, and American Express pulling out of the tour to the tune of 4 million dollars lost, Waters has been publicly unapologetic saying "In life you have to do the right thing not the thing that makes you the most money."

Shaker Dance Academy parents like Amy Hannah didn't know either.

"I don't know a lot about his political beliefs or anything."

The young dancers and their proud dance teacher, not interested in politics or floating pigs, just opportunity.

"We do a lot of training and this is the dream come true being on the stage in that amazing arena," said Webb.

Those “RESIST” shirts they’ll be wearing Thursday night, for Kendal Wilson will mean, “Resist hate. Treat people how you like to be treated."

For Kimora Langford, "I think it means we all need to back up on the hate and realize everybody has a voice. Everyone is important and we need to remember that."

They are beautiful and well-spoken beyond their years.

But they still don’t know what a Pink Floyd is.

But when they take the stage at Quicken Loans arena it will be more than what they s